Local Leadership

LEA Officers 2014-2015

Co-Presidents       -Patrick Horstman and Barry Barnt
Vice Pres.               -Doreen Martin
Secretary               -Karen Young
Treasurer               -Donna Tucker
Treas-elect            -Paula Kelly

 Board of Directors

HS Rep                   -Stephen Popa and Melinda King
MS Rep                  -Heather Hunt and Andrea Kalb
Elem Rep               -Miriam Downing and Michelle Vandemark

Building Reps 2012-2013

Freedom                 -  Ann Williams
Heritage                 -  Lorie Murray
Independence       -  Carol Kriegel and Tammy Kerns
Unity                      -  Kathy Hadding and Miriam Downing
Liberty                    -  Heather Patterson and Jan Sanford
South                      -  Tammy Deitsch and Rochelle Penn
North                      -  Dan Finch and David Haberman
West                        -  Barb Coffey and Melinda Haberman
LSH -MI                  -  Sandy Miller and Ernie Daugherty
LSH -PA                  -  Jill Stubbs and Lexie Jamison
LSH PB                    -  Melinda King and Patrick Horstman
St Gerard/              -  Jan Schluneker
St Rose
St Charles              -  Lisa Morgan
JDC                         -  Rebecca Van Meter